WWE's Bianca Belair and Nia Jax Move On to Queen of the Ring Semifinal on SmackDown

Bianca Belair and Nia Jax get big wins in the Queen of the Ring tournament on SmackDown

WWE SmackDown got the night started with the Queen of the Ring Tournament, and tonight's matches would involve both of the WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill. Belair was up first, facing Tiffany Stratton, while Cargill would face Nia Jax later in the night. Belair battled through a knee injury to eventually get the win, but Cargill wouldn't join her, as she was disqualified after Jax got in Cargill's daughter's face. As you might imagine, that sent Cargill into another mode, but while she got some payback on Nia with a chair, it would also mean losing a chance to move on in the tournament.

Belair and Stratton locked up and Belair pushed Tiff back into the corner, but then they got into a shoving match before Stratton slapped Belair in the face. A little taunting led Stratton to pull the braid of Belair, but Belair didn't stay down for long, slapping Stratton and taking her down with two slams. Another exchange led to Stratton getting the better of The EST, but Belair halted her momentum with a slam on the knee. That left Belair a bit hobbled, as she tried to shake off the damage to the knee, and then Belair went up top with punches, only for Stratton to pull the braid. Belair countered though and sent Stratton rolling to the floor.

Stratton pulled the braid again though and that brought Belair out to the ring apron and caused her leg to tie up into the ropes. Stratton then threw Belair into the steel steps, and that clearly hurt Belair. Stratton stayed focused on the hurt knee of Belair, and then a submission hold focused on the leg once more. Belair got the bottom rope and then kicked Stratton to the floor to give herself a chance to regroup.

Belair couldn't put much weight on the knee at this point, and Stratton dragged her over to the ring post to do more damage, though Belair was able to pull Stratton into the ring post and break up the attack. Belair knocked Stratton down and then hit a slam, and then followed with another slam. Belair was hobbled at this point, and Stratton countered a slam.

They exchanged hits and then Belair got Stratton up for a KOD, but Stratton countered and slammed into Belair and hit the double stomp, going for the pin, but Belair kicked out. Stratton was caught by Belair and then slammed with a suplex into a pin attempt, but Stratton kicked out. Belair tried to drag Stratton away but she then poked Belair in the eyes. That led to a chop block on the bad knee and a running clothesline, but somehow Belair kicked out. Belair then broke up the prettiest moonsault ever, and a KOD followed on Stratton. That was enough to get the pin and the win for Belair. Now she will move on to face the winner of Cargill and Jax.

Next up was Jade Cargill's match against Nia Jax, and Jax got in the first hit. Jax kept coming but Cargill was able to evade her next attack and send her outside to the floor. The back and forth outside of the ring continued, and the two superstars would showcase their impressive power throughout the match.

Then things turned when Cargill ended up at ringside next to her daughter in the crowd. Cargill momentarily talked to her daughter before Jax came in and threw Cargill to the floor. Then Jax got in the face of Cargill's daughter, telling her "Your mom sucks." Cargill's daughter wasn't having any of it by the way, as she responded to Jax and told her where she could go with that comment. That led to Cargill hitting a kick to Jax's jaw.

Then Jax would involve a chair, swinging and trying to hit Cargill with it. Cargill was able to wrestle it away from Jax, and then she slammed it down on Jax's back, but the referee caught it and disqualified Cargill. That gave Jax the win, but the two would continue to brawl afterward by the barricades. That fight continued all the way around the ring, and eventually, security had to come out and get involved. Jax will now move on to face Belair in the next round, which will take place next week.

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