Stellar Blade Announcement Teased: "Get Ready"

What's coming next for the PlayStation exclusive Stellar Blade?

Stellar Blade hasn't even been out for a month now, but already, developer Shift Up is telling its fans to "get ready" for something coming next week. A teaser shared this week has Stellar Blade players wondering what that something might be with players already compiling their wishlists full of things like a photo mode, a boss rush mode, or something else based on the assumption that the announcement will be related to an update. It could very well be something else entirely, but Stellar Blade players won't know for sure until next week.

The image below was shared by the Stellar Blade X (formerly Twitter) account this week and was deemed important enough that developer Shift Up pinned it to the Stellar Blade account for all to see. The image appears to depict one of the Naytiba creatures that players fight throughout the game as Eve, though the image lacks context outside of Shift Up telling players to keep an eye on next week for news.

"Get ready for NEXT WEEK," the image teased.


Stellar Blade Update Coming Soon?

So, what's the Stellar Blade community hoping for from this announcement? Unsurprisingly, seeing Eve get more outfits is high up on the wishlists for next week's reveal if it is indeed an update. It's true that Stellar Blade does have quite the array of costumes for Eve to choose from already with some more coveted than others, but given how much of a focus the game puts on Eve's appearance and how much it's leaned into the costume feature, it's expected that Stellar Blade players would hope for more outfits ASAP. 

Cosmetics aside, a boss rush mode is similarly high up on lists. Stellar Blade has some pretty impressive bosses both in terms of their designs and how their fights play out, so being able to burn through them one after another in a boss rush mode has been a common request since the game released. In line with the focus on Eve's outfits, players have also been asking for a photo mode with those requests renewed once more now.

However, it's worth pointing out that this announcement might not be an update after all. The image shared via the Stellar Blade account does look like it's depicting a Naytiba, but it also appears to be a figure or a statue of some sort. Stellar Blade does not yet have any official merch, so if this is indeed a figure of some sort, next week's announcement may be tied to collectibles or something similar.