Dragon Ball Super Cosplay Unleashes The Beast With Gohan

Gohan's ultimate transformation has been brought to life with some spot-on cosplay.

In fighting against Cell Max in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the world of the Z-Fighters once again was hanging on by a thread. Piccolo might have gained a major upgrade thanks to Shenron granting him a wish that would give him two new forms, but this wasn't enough to push the Namekian over the top and claim victory against the Red Ribbon Army's ultimate weapon. In unlocking his full anger, Gohan was able to achieve his "Beast" form and one cosplayer has perfectly brought it to life.

Before Dragon Ball Super's manga went on hiatus, readers got a brief glimpse of the world following the death of Cell Max. In hearing about Gohan's major victory, his father wanted to see just how strong his son had become. Wasting little time in picking up Gohan from Earth, the father and son would have a sparring match that made for a major event in the shonen series. Ultimately, we didn't receive a definitive answer as to if Gohan Beast was more powerful than Ultra Instinct Goku, but we did get a Saiyan battle royale that acted as an amazing scene to hold readers over as the indefinite hiatus went into effect.

Gohan Unleashes The Beast

While many Dragon Ball fans have wondered if the previous chapter will be the manga's last, especially following the tragic passing of creator Akira Toriyama, there is one major plot thread that has yet to be addressed. Frieza's return in the final chapter of Granolah The Survivor Arc saw the alien despot easily dispatching the villain Gas, as well as taking the Heeters off the table. Now that the shonen villain has a new transformation under his belt in "Black Frieza", the question arises if Gohan's new form puts him on an even playing field with the antagonist. 


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Dragon Ball Super's anime has yet to confirm when it will make a comeback, but the shonen franchise has something special for fans later this year. Dragon Ball Daima is hitting the small screen later this year and will feature a story that was heavily influenced by creator Akira Toriyama, making anime fans that much more interested in this new anime adaptation. 

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