The 5th Edition Of Talisman: The Magical Quest Board Game Is On Sale Now

Avalon Hill has announced the 5th Edition of the iconic Talisman fantasy board game.

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Hasbro / Avalon Hill have officially launched the 5th edition of Talisman, the iconic fantasy-theme board game that debuted in 1983. The new edition will feature upgraded artwork, redesigned figures, and a streamlined gameplay experience that's designed to make it easier for both veterans and newcomers to jump into a game. 

Inside the box you'll find 12 character figures with matching cards, 100 Adventure cards, 24 Spell cards, 18 Purchase cards, 4 Talisman cards, 1 Toad card, 6 Toad tokens, 114 counters, 38 Fate tokens, 12 Alignment tokens, 30 coins, 3 six-sided dice, and a rulebook. You can order one here on Amazon now priced at $59.99. At the time of writing the game is in backorder, so reserve one while you can. If you miss out, restocks will happen, so be patient. 

From the official description: "Welcome, champions, to the magical land of Talisman! The otherworldly artefacts known as Talismans have once more descended onto the mortal plane, signaling the dawn of a new era-and the need for a new ruler! In the Talisman: The Magical Quest Game, 5th Edition, set forth on an epic adventure, racing to be the first to obtain a Talisman, reach the Crown of Command in the center of the board, and defeat the elder dragon to win. With a diverse range of characters to choose from and a vast world of possible scenarios, this strategy game for teens and adults offers limitless adventures!"

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The original Talisman was released in 1983 as a fantasy-themed game that sees players progress through Outer, Middle, and Inner Regions, each of which have different difficulty levels. Players make checks using 6-sided dice and add their stat score to determine whether a check is successful or a failure. Players boost their stats using items and followers, but they can only reach the the final area known as the Crown of Command by collecting a Talisman. The objective is to be the first to reach the Crown of Command and use its power to eliminate all other players. Numerous special editions of Talisman have been released over the years with themes like Harry Potter, Batman, and Kingdom Hearts.