Star Wars Total War Game Rumored to Be in Development

There's supposedly a new Star Wars Total War game in the works.

There's supposedly another new Star Wars game in development, though it's a Star Wars game that's probably far from what anyone would've ever expected. The latest Star Wars rumor suggests that Sega's Creative Assembly developer is working on a Star Wars-themed Total War game which would be a big departure for the series which usually roots itself in historical military forces and cultures. Creative Assembly naturally hasn't announced anything of the sort yet, though the same suite of rumors about this game suggest that it's one of three different Total War games Creative Assembly is working on now.

Insider Gaming and DualShockers both reported this week on the supposed Total War Star Wars game that Creative Assembly might be working on now. The latter's report is more recent and cited unnamed sources with the info while the Insider Gaming report from Tom Henderson said talks of a futuristic Total War game were heard about for years now. Given the recent DualShockers report combined with these separate insights into a Star Wars Total War game, the prospect of it actually happening is now seeming much more likely.

Creative Assembly's current lineup of Total War games clearly favors historical battles as opposed to contemporary or futuristic experiences with the most recent game being Total War: Pharoah and Total War: Rome Remastered prior to that. Total War has dabbled in the fantasy realm to a degree in the past with Total War: Warhammer and two sequels released, but that's about as far as it's gone. 

Star Wars then would easily be the furthest the series has gone beyond its roots and may entice others who might not have played Total War games to try it out. The Total War series consists of turn-based, real-time strategy games which move a bit slower compared to the usual Star Wars games like Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Creative Assembly and Sega being able to work on this kind of game at all, assuming it's real, is made possible by the fact that Electronic Arts lost the exclusive rights to making Star Wars games years ago which is why we're getting a Star Wars Outlaws game from Ubisoft. While again different from the usual Total War games, this Star Wars Total War game and the other two supposedly in the works would be a return to form for Creative Assembly after the studio's last project, Hyenas, never came to fruition. Sega canceled the game last year and suggested that Creative Assembly would return to working on what it was best known for in the Total War series.